anqati ən alta misayka nisayka hayash-kakshət. khilay-təmtəm nayka. alta ən aɬqi tətsi nisayka munk-khəpit. tətsi nisayka munk-ɬush-ɬush. misayka nayka tiki-munk-yeʔlan. qhata misayka nisayka munk-yeʔlan? qhata mayka nayka munk-yeʔlan?

(I suspect I have botched the Chinuk Wawa grammar, and I know I can’t pronounce a word of it yet, and for both faults I apologize to the speakers of Chinuk Wawa (though practicing my pronunciation is On The Agenda). Translating back to English for the benefit of the rest of y’all, it comes out approximately as “we have been and are destroying y’all. my heart cries. we must stop now and for the future. we must clean up. I want to help y’all. how do we help y’all? how do I help you?”

It’s not exactly concrete action towards repairing the damage we white USAians have done and continue to do to Native peoples, but it’s a start.

Another start: reading Awakening the Horse People. There’s probably donate buttons on a lot of Native organizations’ websites, too—not seeing one on The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde dot org, but there’s definitely one on cherokee.org.

Here’s the Chinuk Wawa Android app and the Chinuk Wawa dictionary.)


Author: alexeigynaix

Queer, genderqueer, neurodivergent, disabled Celtic-American poet, fantasy writer, fiber crafter, visual artist, and intersectional feminist activist. Hellenion clergy education student.

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