Tarot a Day: 0 Fool; 6 & Daughter of Discs

I’m starting the A Card a Day and Alternative Tarot courses over at Little Red Tarot. And I’m journaling accordingly.

The first card du jour, of course, is the Fool. My first daily draw—well, the 6 of Discs fell right out of my Motherpeace Tarot deck in shuffling, turned left, and the Daughter of Discs reversed I drew.

Tarot’s main purpose for me is a line of communication—with the Gods, with the Ancestors, with my own self. The better I know the cards, the better I know the spreads, the more clear and the more easily discerned each such message will be.

I shuffle by taking each half of the deck and pressing them into each other. There’s probably a name for this. “Riffle shuffle” isn’t it. I don’t know any other way, short of fifty-two- seventy-eight-card pickup.

I don’t cut the deck, because there seems little point to it. I haven’t stacked it, so cutting it won’t change anything…

I’ve never read for anyone else in person, so I don’t know my thoughts on letting others handle my cards! I know I have no trouble letting others handle my Greek alphabet oracle tiles, but that is, I assume, because they’ll either know the right one when they feel it (and I won’t know for them) or random chance will direct it to them (and we’re hoping for the first option, so they need to draw out the tile, not me).

The 6 of Discs, turned left, suggests I’m seeking to heal but can’t find a way. The Daughter of Discs, reversed, suggests I’m aware of how I have been misunderstood and need to seek inner strength and techniques for coping with suffering. (Ah, the everlasting fucking joys of being an autistic spoonie!)

This week’s Alternative Tarot reading is about myself as a tarot reader:

1) My most important characteristic: Ace of Swords, left: upright it’s about taking positive action toward a goal, using will and mental clarity, but leftwards it’s about holding back on those very things.

2) Strengths I already have and am bringing: Crone, upright: inner wisdom and deep guidance

3) Limits I feel I have: Daughter of Swords, left: holding back on my power and ability to get things going!

4) Key lesson I can learn: Nine of Swords, between left and reversed: vulnerability and facing fears

5) How I can be open to learning: 3 of Discs, left: upright it’s about devotion and dedication to the work, but left is about distraction and holding back???

6) Potential outcome: 3 of Cups, between left and reversed: hesitation about trusting others? looking for community?

Of those six cards, I resonate most strongly with the Daughter of Swords. I can do this and I will do this.

The Fool is a card of beginnings; appropriate for New Year’s. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Great minds think alike; fools rarely differ. The calico cat in the Motherpeace illustration tests the waters as the Fool dances right over the river.

It’s time to begin.


Author: alexeigynaix

Queer, genderqueer, neurodivergent, disabled Celtic-American poet, fantasy writer, fiber crafter, visual artist, and intersectional feminist activist. Hellenion clergy education student.

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