A Prayer to Hestia while Packing to Move

O Hestia of Hearth and Home,
Whose light I see in the flicker flame
of this little candle,
if ever You have guided me
before, please guide me now.
If ever You have aided me
before, please aid me now.
If ever I have poured you
water, tea, or wine
before, please help me now
to organize my home and things
and box them up and clean them.
I get the keys to my new home
in two weeks plus one day.
I’m not ready.
Do I have the strength
to get all this done
in time?
Please grant me the strength
to go pack one more box.
O Hestia, the new home will be better,
and I ask that You bless there
and bless here, that my move
may be orderly, my move may be swift,
and when the dust settles
we’ll live in a home
guarded and guided
by Your blessing, Your light.

I thank you.


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