Etsy and Redbubble and etc

Just so you all know, I have an Etsy and a Redbubble, for devotional art. The Etsy is about half pocket shrines right now.

The Artemis watercolor you can see in both locations and featured here, “Artemis Runs”, did not come out of my trip to the state park on Sunday. Not exactly. I’d planned that painting before I planned the trip. But there’s still something about that painting that I don’t think is the same as it would have been had I done the painting before walking in the forest of the state park. (That thing is not the un-deer-like deer. I am not very good at depicting animals.)

I’m not sure yet what to make of my experience in the forest of the state park. I can tell you Artemis is beautiful—I wrote a poem for Patreon about exactly how I saw Her. (Context: I’m horribly nearsighted.)

I keep trying to sit and do a stillness meditation but anxieties about undone mundane things keep tugging at my mind.


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