Athena Artistic Agon in April, and Call for Submissions for Athena Devotional

In honor of Athena, I am running an artistic contest. Submissions to the agon in any Internet-suitable artistic medium—poetry, photography, sketches, skit scripts, and so forth—are welcome. Please email them to alexeigynaix at gmail dot com by April 30.

The winner will be determined by divination by drawing of lots on May 1, and will receive the statuette of Athena shown here:

a light brown statuette of a seated Athena with an owl on Her knee and a brown-and-white feather

I am hoping that all contestants in this agon will also be willing to submit their work to the Athena devotional I am working on, tentatively entitled Strength of Storms, Weaver of War: a devotional to Athena, which I am planning to publish through Amazon CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, and Smashwords during Panathenaia in late July. But as “nonexclusive right to publish online”, “nonexclusive right to publish in a print book”, and “nonexclusive right to publish in an ebook” are all different things, I shall assume that anything submitted for the agon is only submitted for the agon unless the submitter explicitly says it is also for the print version and/or ebook version of the devotional. (This may well result in the two versions having differing tables of contents!)

Contributors to the devotional will each receive one print and one ebook copy of the devotional, the ebook copy being in the contributor’s preferred ebook format. Royalties from the devotional will be donated to the Friends of the Dover Public Library (Dover, DE, USA), to aid that organization in its role of assisting my friendly local repository of wisdom.

Best luck—and best skill—to all contestants!


5 thoughts on “Athena Artistic Agon in April, and Call for Submissions for Athena Devotional”

  1. Woooo!!!! You know I’ll participate in the Agon AND submit to the devotional! I should also point out that I’m co-editing the BA Athena devotional starting in October, so if anyone wants to contribute to both :: wink wink ::


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