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Lupa of talks about “Psych Meds, Self-Care, and Paganism”. This is an important read for anyone who is dealing with mental illness that might or does require medication, and for anyone who might interact with such people. (So, you know, pretty much everyone.) Lupa observes that there are a lot of different tools to manage mental illness, and while medication is only one of those tools and not necessarily one needed in all or even most cases, it is no less important than the others.

Greta Christina of Femme Feminism talks about “Art and Craft”. In short, the terms are hard to define but often get defined in such a way as to generally classify men’s work as art and women’s as craft, which may be either a cause or a consequence of valuing men’s work higher than women’s. (Christina is hardly the first to make this observation.) I think there’s some food for thought here regarding (in particular) Athena, Hephaistos, and the Mousai.

Author: alexeigynaix

Queer, genderqueer, neurodivergent, disabled Celtic-American poet, fantasy writer, fiber crafter, visual artist, and intersectional feminist activist. Hellenion clergy education student.

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