In this photo, you see four decorative measuring spoons—tablespoon, teaspoon, half-teaspoon, and quarter-teaspoon—displayed around a small ceramic box with lid slightly askew; the lid is decorated with small flowers and the inscription Happiness, like a butterfly, settles upon you when you least expect it.

The unifying theme of the photo is, of course, butterflies: the ceramic box is shaped like one and decorated with two more, there is one in enameled color on the handle of each of the silver-toned spoons, and the bowl of each spoon has at least one more engraved butterfly.

I bought the ceramic box at a local Goodwill, looking for items that might suit a shrine to Hestia (which shrine I have not actually formally put together yet, but I’ll get to it). I bought the measuring spoon set at the local orchard, on impulse, thinking they might serve to decorate my kitchen (where the shrine to Hestia belongs).

I do like butterflies. But today, noticing the spoons and the box sitting on the kitchen counter between my Hestia statuette and the growing pile of soda can tabs (saved for a family friend’s craft projects), I wonder if Hestia likes butterflies, too.

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