a thought I have not the skills to make reality

Someone should make an app that tracks the Hellenic calendar (or anyway at least one Hellenic calendar) with dates and upcoming festivals, and both local and Athenian new-moon and sunset times, and information about the various festivals.

2 thoughts on “a thought I have not the skills to make reality”

  1. Well, there is HMEPA – a website, not an app, but it aligns the lunar calendar with the modern calendar and has links to festivals and such. Here’s the month we’re about to enter (which just happens to line up exactly with the lunar month for once): http://www.numachi.com/~ccount/hmepa/calendars/698.4.Puanepsion.html

    Also, you can just make your own version of this for yourself a year in advance using either HMEPA or an ephemeris as a guide. Then you don’t have to think about it again all year, just look at your personalized calendar. I do this and print it out and use it as my everyday calendar.


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