Hail, Hermēs Agoraios!

So Dver has challenged polytheists to spend September blogging about our actual practices, not our politics.

Today I found a penny. It was just under the sales counter in the shoe department at a department store in the local mall: almost out of sight, as though it was waiting for me, there in that marketplace, that agora where Hermēs rules.

This month in the Bacchic Underground, the Deity we are honoring all month is Hermēs. My plan to honor Him each day all month is to write at least one hundred words every day (on an existing project, as of the end of August; the project I conceived of earlier in September does not count, but this blog does), because He governs communication, and to exercise at least a little every day, because He governs the gymnasion. I was actually at the mall to walk its length and get that exercise, as much as to buy new shoes.

Found coins are gifts from Hermēs.

Hail to Hermēs of the marketplace!

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