Attention Deficit Devotion, an abbreviated illustration

I haven’t made a food offering to Hestia in a while.

I should go make food. Proper homemade food.

I’m hungry and I want red beans and rice.

I don’t have seasoning salt.

What goes into seasoning salt? Could I substitute herbs or spices I already have?

Okay, Wikipedia says there’s a List of common ingredients, and I don’t have most of the List. I wonder could I achieve much the same effect by using plain salt and Accent?

But then sisters couldn’t have any.

Sisters aren’t even here.

How’s sister of the currently broken foot doing?

*checks sister’s Facebook*

Oh, cool, that is an awesome Spark-of-Pokémon-Go origin story fanfic that sister found.

Everyone’s having so much fun with Pokémon Go. I want to play too.

Will my phone even download the game?

How come this bleeping phone doesn’t download apps straight to SD card like I have given it explicit instructions to do?

What’s in this version of Android that it takes so much of this phone’s internal storage, anyway?

Why do they call this version “Lollipop”?

[insert lyrics from the Chordettes’ 1958 song of that title]

Apple pie would be tasty right about now.

I’m hungry. I should probably eat something more nutritious. Not that I have any apple pie anyway.

Wasn’t I going to cook something?

Wasn’t I going to offer the first and last bits of an actual homemade-food meal to Hestia?


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