Ethics, folks. They’re a thing.

Galina Krasskova has screenshots of people suggesting strategies to use against “neo-conservative racists in the occult/pagan community”. I particularly wish to highlight two of the suggested strategies.

2. Trap them. Catch them doing or saying something illegal and record it. Anonymously notify the correct authorities. If he’s racist he’s probably also a raging misogynist, here is a pretty high percent chance he beats women. Bust him for that.

3. Sabotage. Sabotage everything. Their protests, their social events, their rituals…their relationships. Sabotage them physically, sabotage them magically. Block them at protests. Blast distractingly loud noises in the vicinity of their rituals. Curse them liberally.

Dear fellow Pagan and polytheist progressives:

If we do these things, we become what we are trying to fight.

ETA 8/30: Sarenth has a detailed breakdown of exactly why these strategies are horrifying.

I do not particularly appreciate that Sarenth is lumping people like me in with people who advocate that, but I understand why that’s how that post is written. The people who advocate that claim to be speaking for the entirety of left, liberal, and progressive Paganism and polytheism—and those of us who fall somewhere under that LLPPP umbrella and who find those strategies appalling aren’t speaking loud enough to drown the left-fascists out.

2 thoughts on “Ethics, folks. They’re a thing.”

  1. I think it’s really unfortunate that a lot of folks on all sides are getting lumped in with ideologies and agents they loathe; just because one’s conservative doesn’t mean one loathes black people, nor because one wants trans-inclusion that they’re okay with blowing up a police station. We must resist the efforts to divide and demonize us, and when that happens it’s all the more important to speak up and say, “That doesn’t reflect me – not in my name.” It is possible to hold differing opinions, and even to passionately articulate those differences without reviling or misrepresenting the other side, and that’s something we all should strive for, regardless of where we fall on a given spectrum. Thank you for speaking up.


  2. “I do not particularly appreciate that Sarenth is lumping people like me in with people who advocate that, but I understand why that’s how that post is written.”

    I feel you here, I do. As I said in response to Amanda on my blog:
    The left does not get a pass any more than the right for their extremists. If, as a Northern Tradition Pagan and Heathen I am having to consistently speak up and out against racism then the left and right have to speak up and out against their extremists. They do not get a pass for this. I do not get to “No True Scotsman” the racists in my midst and so, neither the left nor right get to disown their extremists.


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